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HHWS has been creating positive changes by providing education sponsorship program, relief, and community development initiatives for the weak and vulnerable demographics. Through ongoing education support programs and community development projects for the underprivileged in the community, we help in crafting better life opportunities for children at risk and addressing poverty in marginalized communities across India.

HHWS focuses on a two-pronged strategy to deliver opportunities for vulnerable children. First, The Direct Child Sponsorship program enrolls these students in a network of private English medium schools where they receive quality higher education, which serves as a springboard for them to join in tertiary and/or job-oriented courses. The DCS program provides financial assistance towards the education of these neglected children, children in homes, and children with special needs.

Second, developmental initiatives focus on capacity building in schools and communities. The projects implemented in these schools address the infrastructural requirement, up-gradation of learning resources, and improvement of the teaching-learning methods. The simultaneous income generating initiative for the families ensures the long-term sustainability of the schools and their surrounding communities.

Today, HHWS sponsors over three thousand five hundred students in more than seventy-six Schools and a hundred and fifty colleges across India. HHWS offers assistance to underprivileged and marginalized children from difficult circumstances to complete a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the Helping Hand Welfare Society operates four children’s homes and two Special Schools that provide a safe environment for the holistic development of these special children.

Institutions We Support

Bethel Home

Barobisha, West Bengal

Elim Home

Hyderabad, Telangana

Sunrise Home

Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh

Asian Aid School for the Blind

Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh

SDA School for the Speech and Hearing Impaired

Kollegal, Karnataka

Sunshine Home

Bangalore, Karnataka