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Sunshine Home was started in the year 1979 by Mrs. Dorothy Watts, a missionary from America who was working alongside her husband in Hosur, India. It was started in her humble home with a simple aim, to care for destitute and orphan children.  As the number of children increased, the building next door to their house was rented to accommodate the fast growing family. In 1987, the home was moved to its present location, a 10 acre property in Kalkere, Bangalore 43 under the leadership of Mrs. Rosette Davmony.

Bakery At Sunshine Home

In l993, Mrs. Beulah Fernandez took over as Director and continues to serve the children till date.  The Home strives to provide the children with love, care, shelter, food, clothing, and education up to the college level.  The dignity of labour is emphasized in the home and all the children contribute to looking after the premises and the gardens. Sunshine Home encourages young children to help others as they have been helped.

Many children have gained new life and hope from Sunshine Home through the years.  Thirty-two girls have completed their nursing courses, 44 have graduated with various other college degrees, six have gone in the line of medical missionary and vocational courses. There has been 53 weddings of Sunshine children who have now established a home and family of their own.  These children are working all over India and in various parts of the world. Presently, there are 38 small children residing in the premises and 29 others who are in higher secondary schools, nursing colleges, and others.

Since 1979 Sunshine Children’s Home has created permanent positive change in the lives of 202 children to the society and community:

  • 43  Reintegrated before 1993
  • 34  Nursing Graduates
  • 50  Other graduates
  • 13  Skilled workers and medical missionaries
  • 28  Higher Secondary & College students
  • 34  Current residents at Sunshine Home
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Children At Sunshine Home