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Year-end staff meetings are pivotal for any organization, fostering team cohesion, conflict resolution, and relationship building. Our recent year-end staff meeting proved exceptionally productive, as colleagues shared personal and professional anecdotes, offered feedback, and inspired each other towards achieving our weekly and monthly goals.


On the first day, we commenced with an uplifting message from Mr. Philip Sargunam, encouraging us to have faith in ourselves and our colleagues, emphasizing the power of hard work and cooperation in achieving success. Following this, Mr. Philip Mathew, CEO of the Helping Hand Welfare Society, provided a profound insight into the organization’s history. He eloquently depicted the tireless efforts of HHWS in the welfare sector, particularly in aiding children in need, offering a compelling narrative of Sunshine Home and the organization’s journey. It was an enlightening session that deepened our appreciation for the organization’s mission and accomplishments.

Subsequently, field officers shared their experiences, offering valuable perspectives that enhanced their problem-solving abilities. The CFSD project team delineated their roles and responsibilities within Child Group Sessions and Community Learning Centers, underscoring the importance of being positive role models for the children. Discussions encompassed various initiatives spanning education, gender equality, and children’s rights, with Mrs. Diamond, the learning development specialist, outlining program interventions to enhance teacher development and curriculum quality. Cross-learning opportunities further enriched our understanding of team dynamics and achievements within the sector, reaffirming our commitment to active participation and support at the grassroots level.

On the second day, we embarked on an engaging team-building session facilitated by Mr. Andrew Paul from TRP at a renowned restaurant on Mysore Road. Split into Lions and Legends teams, and we enthusiastically participated in activities designed to foster collaboration and cohesion. The exercises challenged us to work collectively, emphasizing the importance of collective success over individual achievement. It was a transformative experience that strengthened our bonds as a team and instilled better working habits.

Wrapping up the meeting excitedly, we indulged in a thrilling outing at Wonderla, relishing the adrenaline rush of rides under the sun. The camaraderie and joy shared among the team underscored our anticipation for future adventures and collaborative endeavours.

Our year-end staff meeting was a platform for reflection and learning and a testament to the collective spirit and dedication driving our organization forward.