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Reshmi, a native of Nepal nestled in the stunning landscapes of Central Asia, faced the daunting reality of blindness from birth alongside two of her siblings. Never able to behold Mount Everest’s majestic vistas or her village’s serene beauty, her journey began amidst darkness. Her parents, confronted with the challenge of raising visually impaired children, feared for their future, seeing only uncertainty ahead. Compounding their struggles, the family grappled with poverty, surviving hand-to-mouth on her father’s meagre earnings as a daily wage labourer, often enduring days with only a single meal.

However, a glimmer of hope emerged when Mrs. Helen Eager crossed their path. She proposed sending the children to a school for blind students in Andhra Pradesh, India. Reshmi’s father consented to sending one of his three children despite initial reluctance, ushering in a new chapter in their lives. At the tender age of seven, Reshmi embarked on a journey to India, leaving behind her family with a mix of trepidation and optimism for a brighter future at the blind school in Bobbili.

Adjusting to her new surroundings proved challenging for Reshmi. Struggling to communicate in a foreign land where she neither spoke English nor Telugu, her native language, she leaned on the support of friends and teachers. With time, she mastered Telugu, embracing her studies with unwavering dedication. Proficient in Braille, Reshmi completed her high school education and is now pursuing her studies in junior college.

The School for the Blind has been a beacon of opportunity for Reshmi, granting her access to education beyond her wildest dreams in Nepal. Empowered by her schooling, she harbours ambitions to uplift her family and, one day, return to her homeland to advocate for the visually impaired, catalyzing positive change in Nepal’s communities.

About the school:
The Asian Aid School for the Blind is a sanctuary for over 160 children, offering tailored educational programs. Equipped with specialized resources and trained educators, the school empowers students to navigate the world of Braille and pursue academic excellence, fostering a brighter future for each child.
*(Name changed to protect identity)

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