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Ajith is one of the students at our SDA School for Speech & Hearing Impaired in Kollegal, India. He comes from a small village in Karnataka, India.

Both his parents traditionally work as a farmer in field owned by others. When he was growing up, Ajith struggled in properly communicating with his family and friends. A person from the village informed them about the Seventh-day Adventist School for Speech and hearing impaired. His parents understood that through education, he could have hope for a better life.  Ajith is capable of communicating effectively after gaining access to sign language education, and he loves sharing stories.

According to United Nations data, 70 million deaf people are in the world, and over 2 percent of them have access to sign language education. Today, on 23rd September the UN celebrates International Day of Sign Language every year. Sign languages are fully fledged natural languages, structurally distinct from the spoken languages.

As we celebrate International Day of Sign Language, let us give hope to impaired children. Our special education sponsorship program is supports children like Ajith giving them hope for a more promising future. Thank you for sponsoring Ajith and for generously supporting this school. It makes a difference in his lives and those around him.