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Elevating A Community

The Child Focused School Development (CFSD) project aims to support the community and create an environment where children can thrive. The project is currently based in Gudem Madhavaram, AP, where the challenges faced by the community are poverty, illiteracy, caste based discrimination, violence against women and gender discrimination.

CFSD ensure that children and youth in G Madhavaram and neighboring communities are ready for, and are accessing quality education and economic opportunities while contributing towards their community.

However the primary goal of CFSD is the development of children and addresses the three foundational pillars and four outcome areas (Survival, Protection, Development and Participation) at the school.

CFSD Facts


Project Timeline


01/08/2017 - Project Approval

This project was officially sanctioned by Asian Aid Australia on this day.

11/09/2017 - School Renovation

The school building was in urgent need of a facelift. Some of its major problems included a leaky roof fungal growth on the walls and ceiling which posed a risk to the well-being of the children. On top of that the school looked dull and worn out. All these problems were addressed by HHWS and the children now have a safe place to learn.

21/09/2017- Library Setup

This was a historic moment for the school and the village overall. This was the first time ever that a library was started in the village school. This program gives a great window of opportunity to learn and influence the young minds. Having a library allows the young minds to feed on the rich resources of knowledge.

02/10/2017 - Organizing the 1st PTA

A strong Parents Teachers Association allows parents participation in the education of their children. With this in mind the first ever PTA was set up on this day to help lay the right foundation for the future of our children. Active PTA’S reduces school dropout rates in village schools, increases awareness on gender equality, child Rights and increases partnership between parents and teachers which benefit children.

12/10/2017 - Child Clubs Organized

Through these clubs children in the community receive awareness and program are conducted on personal hygiene, importance of education, gender equality and health. Under these clubs leaders are designated and responsibilities given allowing children to participate in decision making and overall program planning and implementation.

12/11/2017 - English Training Initiated

The key focus of this project is to ensure that children in the villages surrounding the school could access quality medium of education in English. Hence under this program the teachers undergo a training program to improve their communication skills hence having a direct impact on the children in the classroom setting.

14/02/2018 - Empowerment through Tailoring

Find a consistent source of income is a major challenge for women in rural villages. Hence under this skill development program women are being trained in the skill of tailoring through which they would earn and sustain their families.

19/03/2018 - Agriculture Training

Agriculture is still the backbone of our country. Farmers deserve access to latest innovations in farming practices to help increase production and find sustainable solutions to their cropping problems. Hence this project collaborates with Krishi Vigyan Kendra to introduce training in key areas as well as services of soil testing to help enrich the soil.

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