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In July 2011, I travelled to India to attend a friend’s wedding. Little did I know that this trip would lead me to the Sunshine Children’s Home, where my friend’s husband had spent his childhood. Our accommodation was conveniently close to the campus.

During the wedding preparations, my time was enriched by interactions with the Sunshine staff and children. We also lent a hand during a week of activities at Sunshine SDA School and Spencer SDA School. Throughout our three-week stay, bonds formed with staff members, particularly the children, who left a lasting impression.

As our time drew to a close, farewells were bittersweet. Some children tearfully asked, “Will you forget about us?” and “Will you visit again?” Their heartfelt questions lingered in my mind long after departure. It prompted me to reflect on the transient nature of many people’s interactions with the Sunshine family.


I’ve always harboured a passion for adventure and cross-cultural experiences. Yet, the children’s inquiries challenged me to reconsider the purpose of such journeys. It became evident that while many come and go, only a few return regularly. This realization humbled my perspective and reshaped my outlook on travel.

In the simplest gestures, the Sunshine family taught me the profound impact of sharing and presence, especially among children. Through them, I learned that even the smallest acts of kindness can hold immense significance for others. In essence, they became an extended family to me.

Sharing my experiences with the Sunshine family brings me immense joy. Whether offering support in their studies or sharing their triumphs and setbacks, the time invested is always rewarding. Witnessing their resilience and growth fuels my desire to return time and again.

Their smiles upon my return reaffirm the bonds we’ve forged and the lasting impact of our connection. These moments compel me to revisit my Sunshine family, each visit leaving me with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude.


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